How to turn your essay into some of your best-written pieces ever

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Nowadays, people aren’t interested in reading essays due to everything being available online. Unless it’s a shocking essay, people won’t even bother looking at it. To write a striking good essay, I will be listing all the important tips which you will have to follow to write the best possible essay.

An essay is also something you will have to write in different stages of your life like college admissions, college scholarships. So, this proves that you should know how to write striking essays, and I’m here to help you with that.

Essay writing is also something you can earn money through. Countless students are looking for online essay writers to write their essays for them and in return, you can get money for that.

One important thing you need to know about essays is there are two types, persuasive and informative. A persuasive essay is when you’ve been given a topic to write on but you also have to convince the readers in a persuasive tone to adapt your point of view.

An informative essay is when you write about an essay in the form of a question. You let your audience know everything about the topic you’re writing about. You will have to mention everything from A-Z about the topic you’re writing about.

You can go online and look for an essay writing service for some help regarding essay writing, they can guide you and give you the best tips to write the best essay. However, try using these tips as they help you write the best possible essay;

Research efficiently

After you get a topic to write on, the first thing you should do is go to your school or college library for some effective research. Always remember that you can’t fake information. You will have to gather at least 5 main ideas for your essay which will be used in each paragraph of the essay.

Draft your essay

After you’ve done your research, you can start drafting your essay using those 5 points and other information you have gathered. Plot them where you want to then prepare an interesting introduction. Take some time writing the introduction because the introduction is something everyone will get their eyes on first.

Try to make the introduction as interesting as possible. Briefly explain your topic with a little conversational element. If the introduction isn’t good, the reader won’t even bother reading the whole essay.

Now you may write your essay

You can start writing your essay after those two steps. Keep your sentences short and don’t try to be too wordy when explaining things. Also, with every main idea, try to add a supportive argument and give your own opinion on it.

Write five paragraphs and each one should have its main idea and a supporting argument to it. And don’t repeat things just to reach the word limit, if you’re having difficulty writing, you can do a little more research on the topic.

Lastly, give closure to your essay by writing a conclusion of at least 4-5 lines. Briefly explain every main idea and give your own opinion on it regarding your thesis statement.


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