How to Solve Color Picture Cross


Picture Cross, commonly known as Nonograms or Picross, is a logic puzzle involving painting a picture through filling cells. Color Picture Cross has a twist added to them in that they fill squares using countless numbers.

As you proceed with the game, you’ll eventually reveal the colored image. Below is an overview of the steps you should follow to solve the Color Picture Cross successfully.

How The Game is played

The rules used in solving Color Picture Cross are slightly different from those used in solving the average Picture Cross Puzzle. First, distinguish the grid cells that need to be filled by the numerical clues at the initial stages of each row or column.

When it comes to Color Picture Cross, A gap of an empty square does not always exist between groups of filled cells on a line. Due to this aspect, some of the techniques used to solve black and white picture cross puzzles will fail.

The only deviation to this is that in a case where a clue has two numbers that have similar colors, this shows a gap of cells that needs to be filled between them. Select the paint color using the buttons that are directly beneath the puzzles.

Alternatively, mark the determined cells using ‘X’ to help you remember the cells that should remain empty. Each time you highlight a paint color, a distinct border will highlight the boxes of the clue.

 If you are struggling to separate between shades of color on the device of your screen, you can use this tip. Begin by ensuring the squares are filled up logically to validate the clue. Proceed by marking the squares you think are unable to fill with an ‘X’ by selecting the button beneath the grid.

Each line that has been entirely or partially solved gives out new information used to solve the perpendicular lines on it. Avoid guesswork when solving puzzles, as this only complicates things for you as you continue playing.

If you make a mistake when filling out the cells, erase the error by tapping the cells that have been filled using the exact tool selected.

More Help

You can use your coins to buy hints in case you get stuck at some point. Use hints to tap the prime icon at the top of the status bar region of the screen. The price incurred to get a hint that you can find under each icon.

Imply a Move

Consider using a hint if you can’t easily see which logical action to take to access the routes. A column or a row’s clue will expose itself. Once you tap the hint, the game automatically completes all or integral parts of the line depending on the information gotten from the puzzle at that point once you tap.

It is important to note that this doesn’t provide a complete solution for each line; thus, you must complete the remaining ones since the rest of the information is specific because it involves the regional cells.

Look Out For Mistakes

Through the help of hints, select all the cells that contain the wrong values.

Finally, solving color picture cross games is fun and will keep you hooked all day long or all night long.  Implement all the tips covered above and you’ll be good to go. 


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