How to Select the Right Juicer for you?


Fresh juices are healthy and tasty for daily consumption. We should add various types of fruits and vegetable juices in our diet. There are various type of juicers available in the market, which makes it convenient to make juice at home easily. Several factors make a juicer, the best juice, and a right juicer for you.

So, when you purchase a juicer, some of the primary features to look for are:

  • Types of Juicer
  • Cleaning modes
  • What juices can you make with it
  • Power
  • Level of noise

What are the different types of Juicers?      

In the current market, there are six primary juicer types.

  1. Citrus Juicers- Citrus Juicers offer freshly squeezed juice from citrus fruits any time at the comfort of your home.
  2. Centrifugal Juicers- Centrifugal Juicers are popular and affordable among people. These make use of shredding disk to make the juice. The shredded material is passed through a strainer basket to let the juice out, keeping the pulp in the strainer.
  3. Single gear juicers- Single gear Juicers generate lesser foam. These Juicers can be made to use make sauces, baby food, and sorbets. This type of juicer makes use of a single auger, turning to crush the fruit into the screen/walls of the container of the juicer.
  4. Manual Juicers- Manual Juicers make the juice bypassing the juice through a cheesecloth that holds the pulp and let the juice drop down the cloth. It can be collected in a glass and enjoyed.
  5. Twin gear Juicers- Twin gear Juicers are identical to single gear ones, but here two gears are used to shred the juice and pressed. They are comparatively more pricey than their contemporaries. However, they are very efficient in generating voluminous juices at a time quickly.
  6. Wheatgrass Juicers- Wheatgrass Juicers extract the wheatgrass blades juice. They are available in both automated and manual modes. This juicer is specific in making wheatgrass juice. Normal Juicers cannot extract wheatgrass juice efficiently.

Things You Should check Before Buying Juicer

Produce used: Veggies and fruits are best to make juice with a centrifugal juicer. Some of the models of this type of juicer come with some attachments specific to certain products. Even citrus juices can be taken easily in these models. These Juicers, however, are not so efficient in making juice from leafy veggies. 

Cleaning modes- Cleaning time is based on the juicer complexity. It depends on how many parts of the juicer needs cleaning. It will take a longer time to clean as it is more functional as well. Therefore, check the dishwashing facilities of the juicer cleaning to make the task quick and easy for you.

Power– Power above 400W is considered ideal as the wattage will give the best results. Motor strength will decide its life and longevity. Always check for motor guarantee while purchasing.

Levels of noise– A moderate sound is considered ok with the users. A powerful motor is bound to generate some sound. Noise cannot weight down the efficiency of a juicer.

The price depends on the features, make, and brand. Since several options are available, one can choose according to their budget without features compromised.


Selecting the right juicer for you can be done by keeping the above considerations in mind. These are primary features that cannot be missed when purchasing a juicer. Based on your preferred types, affordability, and need, the right juicer can be selected conveniently with the above navigation.


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