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How to Determine if You Can Patent Your Idea

You may have a fantastic idea and want to Patent your idea, but to implement the concept and turn it into your invention is a big deal. When you are working on something new, you will find several waiting to mimick your discovery. So how do you protect it? A patent is a grant for an exclusive right. Your invention can be a solution to a particular technological problem, a process, or a product. But before you apply to patent your idea, you have to check if it is eligible.

How to Find Out if an Idea is Patentable?

When you need to patent your idea, you must know that it includes several claims. Each of these claims come with a specific property right. Listed below are a few points to check-.

  1. First, you must check if your idea qualifies for a patent.
  2. Second, you must learn the basics of the patentable process.
  3. Third, do thorough research across the previous public disclosures that concern your invention. Public disclosures are often known as prior art.
  4. If any previous public disclosures consist of the published article related to your invention, it is not patentable.

In this way, you can determine whether your patent idea was public before. You can hire any registered patent attorney to run a patentability search for your invention. There can be some difficulty in a thorough patent search, especially for the novice. Hence, it is always better to avoid conducting your patent search.

Check Out the Basic Eligibility Criteria for Patentability

A new invention is not enough to get a patent name. Therefore, you have to check the patent eligibility criteria before applying. There are mostly five elements available for patent eligibility, which is essential for you to patent your idea.

  1. The very first criterion to qualify for a patent is your invention should be new and useful. Whether it is a machine, process, manufacture, or a composition of matter, it should have the most advance and be useful
  2. If your invention falls under a utility patent, then it has to be beneficial for the public and government.
  3. It should be new or novel
  4. It should not resemble an already patented invention at any cost.
  5. You cannot disclose your creation to the public before you apply for the patent application.

Know More About the Patentable Subject Theme

Are you looking for a patentable subject matter for your patent idea? Here are some exclusive samples of the patentable subject matter.

  1. Electronics and machines
  2. Computer hardware
  3. Sporting equipment
  4. Medicines
  5. Human-made bacteria. However, the occurrence of a natural organism is not patentable
  6. Business methods
  7. Fabrics and fabric designs
  8. Business processes
  9. A computer software program that consists of concrete tangible or useful programs
  10. Isolated human genes are patentable because they do not occur naturally in isolation.

Learn More About the Process to Patent Your Idea And How to Receive It

There are three steps to patent your creation.

  • The first step- It has to be a patentable subject matter.
  • The second step is newness. Your invention has to be novel.
  • The final step is originality. It means your patent idea should not be similar to any other invention.

So, you can easily understand that you have to pass these three most important steps to patent your idea.

From Idea to a Patent- It’s Time for Some Innovation

Sometimes inventing things is quite easy unless you decide to give it a renowned name. Sometimes we come up with inventions that are unique but do not realize how special it is.

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