How to Add a Parallax Effect to Any WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme
WordPress Theme

One of the main reasons for having accessories in technology as well as real-life is to provide functionality. As pretty as an addition to the content on your website may look, its functionality is what defines an outline of its uses and whether it justifies its presence. 

Just like a purse is an attractive accessory whose functionality revolves around carrying necessary items, a parallax effect is an accessory to the existing website made on WordPress. The effect not only provides an aesthetically alluring look but also helps in keeping the images from the website to WordPress in check. But what is a parallax effect?

Parallax effect and why it should be used

There is no limit to perfection and neither should there be a cap to limit the flow of creativity and design. One should always strive to make a website more aesthetically appealing to the audience so that the engagement can be increased. The parallax effect is one of the factors of achieving the wider base of the audience with more attractive content.

The effect helps in keeping the background image on the screen for a longer time than the foreground one while the user is scrolling. This gives the user a visual treat of depth that is only enjoyed by people with premium or custom made themes. WordPress uses this effect the best because of which people are inclined towards shifting from website to WordPress. It gives even a simple theme and upliftment of style that reels in new pairs of eyes.

How to add the parallax effect to WordPress?

  1. How to create the parallax effect on any WordPress theme?

The easiest way to add the parallax effect on your WordPress site is by using it on the generic themes with Advanced WordPress Background plugins. It is because of this that people tend to switch from PSD to WordPress theme. The steps include:

  • Click on ‘Plugins’ on the menu and then choose ‘Add new’.
  • You will find a search box on the right-hand side of the screen. Type ‘AWB’ for scanning the additional plugins.
  • The ‘Advanced WordPress Backgrounds’ file must be identified from the list of search results presented on the screen and then click on ‘Install’ to activate it. 
  • There is no different page for setting the advanced WordPress background on the content of your choice. Just open the file where you wanted to be added and click on Tools on the top-left side of the screen. Click on the ‘AWB’ option to access the Advanced WordPress Background.
  • The window that will appear will have a lot of options to add visual effects on the file that has been chosen. The ‘Background Type’ option will have the ‘Image’ option. Click on this option and the Stretch option on the right-hand side of the screen as well. 
  • Just below that will be the ‘Select Image’ option where you will have to pick the image that is to be set as the background. 
  • This step is optional as it revolves around adjusting the color overlay. It also has a variety of effects like the scroll down effect that can be chosen to enhance the content appeal. Remember to pick an effect that is mobile-friendly since a part of your audience may be viewing your content on a mobile phone.
  • Once you are satisfied with all the specifications that are entered, click on ‘Insert’.
  • A small code will appear on the screen and all we have to do is replace ‘Your content here’ with your content. You will have successfully added the parallax effect to your content. 

2. How to add the parallax effect on content with CSS?

This method is only for people who know HTML language and coding. It is very difficult for a lemon with no prior HTML knowledge to follow the steps. Writing a wrong code may cause problems in setting up and accessing the website and as such, it should be avoided. These steps to enter the parallax effect on content with CSS are:

  • Add the code on the page where you want to add the parallax effect:

<div class=”parallax”>

<div class=”parallax-content”>Insert Content here</div>


Enter the content in the ‘Insert Content’ mentioned in the code. 

  • Add the following CSS to your file of your theme

.parallax {

background-image: url(“IMAGE URL HERE”);

height: 100%;

background-attachment: fixed;

background-position: center;

background-repeat: no-repeat;

background-size: cover;




.parallax-content {


margin:0 auto;




  • Enter the link of the image you want to enter in the ‘IMAGE URL HERE’ space and save the changes you make. The parallax effect should be activated. 

These are the two ways to add a parallax effect to content. Because of its ease of activation and use, people shift from PSD to WordPress theme. The first of the two methods is very easy while the second one requires a bit of technical knowledge surrounding HTML. Either way, the effect added will nothing but add the appeal of your website. 


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