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How to activate Dark mode in Google calendar

Enabling Dark Mode in Google Calendar in much easier, and it is built-in feature available in Android & IOS versions of app.

Nowadays, most of the smartphone users are switching to dark mode due to the longer hours of screen time (Use of the Mobile). Eyes generally feel stressed out while looking at phone continuously with the Blue light emotion of Smartphones. This blue light harms the vision in long way

Why you should use Dark mode?

Dark mode has been a Regular word in today’s technology era and you can hear a lot about its benefits. Before we get to know about How to enable Dark mode on Google Calendar’. Let’s check out the Major advantages and disadvantages of using Dark mode:

Pro & Cons of Dark Mode:

Pros: Benefits of using Dark mode:

  • Saves Battery: Dark mode decreases 80% of the Smartphone Screen Light, this decreases load on the Battery power which ultimately Saves more Power
  • Visual Comfort: While you are in Dark area, you find it difficult to use Smartphone with bright Screen light. Your eyes feel tough to look into the mobile. Where as in Dark mode, you can comfortable see the screen
  • Reduce Blue Light: Blue Light is the biggest reason that warns you to reduce the smartphone usage. Dark mode can reduce the Blue light on mobile, leaving little strain on eyes.

Cons: Drawbacks of Using Dark Mode?

  • Habit of Reading in Dark mode:

Using Dark mode in Smartphone can make easier for few days, and over time, it makes difficult to read the text on bright screens. 

  • Difficult to read long Content:
    You can usually read a short content on the website in dark mode. But when you come across long form of content long form of content, it affects the readability 

How to activate Dark mode in Google calendar

Dark mode Feature made available in most the Apps in Google play store & Mac App Store. The Desktop version are still not received dark mode Feature for most of the software’s & Apps. Therefore we make use of default features in Windows & Mac PC to enable dark mode on desktop.

As Google Calendar is Available for Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows PC we will look into both the app & desktop versions learn the process the enable the Dark Mode in google Calendar

Enable Google Calendar Dark Mode in Android:

Google calendar has Built-in feature of Dark mode and users can quick access the feature by this way:

  1. On Google Calendar App, Click on ‘Menu’ available in Top left Corner( Three lines)
  2. Now Navigation to Settings option from the visible menu bar
  3. Then search General settings to land on “theme options”
  4. Here pick the Theme: “Dark” from the collection
  5. Finally Same Settings & restart the app to access Dark Mode of Google Calendar

Switch Google Calendar to Dark mode in iPhone

You can activate dark mode on calendar app on iPhone & iPad with same process below:

Open Settings App on the iPhone/iPad & tap on Display & Brightness

Here you have two options mentioned on the screen “light”, “Dark”

Select the ‘Dark’ and Save the settings to turn on Dark mode manually

This way you can get the dark mode activated not just on Google Calendar, but on all the apps of iPhone.

Dark Mode on Google Calendar on Windows PC:

If you want to enable Dark Mode on Google calendar on PC, Windows 10 users can access the available features in menu:

Along several options in Notification bar on the Windows PC, it has ‘Night light’ option. So we can turn on the Toggle switch to Activate Dark Mode Windows PC.

Google Calendar Dark Mode on Mac PC:

Similar to Windows PC, Mac has the Dark mode options in the Display & Appearance Section:

You can turn on this way:

  1. Open Apple Menu options, navigate to System Preferences
  2. From the Options, Pick the ‘General settings’
  3. Land on Display & Appearance feature, Turn the switch to ‘Dark’

Then ‘Dark’ Theme will be applied to the whole Mac PC, you get to see the Dark mode in all the softwares & apps used on the Apple PC as a default screen mode.

Source: alltechcorner

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