How can you have the best revision for class 8 maths 15 days before the exam?


Class 8 Maths is very important and when there is only a little time left you have to be fast and also should manage the time wisely and smartly. You must be thinking that in just 15 days how can you prepare and revise such a huge subject. This will be the revision so I am sure that you would have completed the syllabus and know all the concepts thoroughly and there is nothing new to learn.

If you plan well you can revise very nicely in just 15 days.  The plan and the focus should be accurate.

This is the time to review the notes and all the topics or the complex problems you have written.

You shouldn’t learn anything new but review the previous chapters and the formulas so that while answering in the exam you should not waste the time. Time is very precious especially with maths as it could consume more time with calculations. So be sure and accurate and focus on the sped and time management

Let us see the class 8 Maths syllabus.

The class 8 chapter are Rational Numbers,, Understanding Quadrilaterals, Practical Geometry, Data Handling, Squares and Square Roots, Cubes and Cube Roots, Comparing Quantities, Visualising Solid Shapes, Mensuration,  Exponents and Powers, Direct and Inverse Proportions, Factorisation, Introduction to Graphs, Playing with Numbers. Linear Equations in One Variable, Algebraic Expressions and Identities.Direct and Inverse Proportions.

You can also refer to Exercise 8A of RS Aggarwal Class 8 Maths Solutions to get a thorough practice.

The chapters are quite a lot and with 15 days in hand you cannot work out all the exercises. So as you have planned the timetable earlier you can have a popper revision timetable specifying the topics for each day.  Assuming that you have already worked out all the problems now it is just the revision so you can pick up a few problems from each topic and start working out.

Once you have planned the timetable just focus and complete the revision of each day. If you come across any doubts clear them immediately. Focus on the formulas and the definitions.

Solve the question papers. Solve the previous years’ papers so it will give you the revision of all the topics in a very precise way. The more you solve the more you will be accurate in the speed and also you will be able to manage the time well. solve  Solving more and more sample papers will help students strengthen their grip on the subject. This also gives the exact pattern of the exam which will help the students to be familiar before the exams.

Time management skills are very important and play a very important role during the exam. Whenever you are solving a problem you should always keep a track of the time taken. If it has to take 1 minute for some sum then you have to make sure that you are solving within the time. Knowing the problems and taking much time will not help you to score well.

By this time you would have known your strengths and your weakness. Focus more on those topics which you would have felt difficult and you were taking more time to solve.

Review your notes and the topics that you had written down. Practice the exercises so that you will be fast in the calculations and also the more you practice the more you will reduce the silly mistakes. This is a common mistake where all the students often do and lose marks. So be very careful with minute things and avoid careless mistakes.

Maths problems should be in steps. Don’t just go directly o the final answer. Concentrate on each step and follow till the end. Sometimes what happens is the sum might go wrong but if you have done the steps you will get the marks even for the steps. So never skip anything.

Practice the habit of doing the rough work also in a neat way. Not only in the exam but maintaining the same even while practising. This will give you a habit of doing the same even during the exams. The neat work and the work will always be impressive. So make sure you do absolute neat work.

Now it is time to prioritize the topics and the important concepts, review them as many times as possible. No need to take any stress and revise them calmly. Don’t let any negativity approach your mind and thoughts. List the formulas and the important definition again. This will be easy to have a glance at all of them just before 

Don’t learn anything new or refer to any new reference book. Whatever you are having is enough.  Anything new will create confusion. So your text and the NCERT solutions are much enough to have a good revision of the subject. 

Benefits of NCERT solutions.

 The NCERT solutions are the best guide for the students helping them to prepare well in their exams and also it is very helpful during the revision and also the preparation of the notes.

The solutions are very comprehensive and curated by the experts keeping in mind that every student can access and understand the syllabus well.

The complex problems are also explained in the easy steps the concepts get clear very easily.

Practising the exercise questions and the practice exercise will make the students o be well versed with all the problems.

There are solved and unsolved question papers also. So students can evaluate their preparation and know their preparation status and improve on the weaker points.

Revise and be positive and stay calm .maths needs lots of thinking so it is always better to keep your mind relaxed and stress-free.

These are simple revision tips and following the tips systematically will help the students to have a great revision before the exam.


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