How can one make use of NCERT Books in their Exam Preparation?

NCERT Text 1280x720 1
NCERT Text 1280x720 1

Education is very much necessary for a person to create a successful career; it is one of the key factors which provides us with the knowledge and skills required to excel in life. Students can consider NCERT books as the basic and first step to kick start their preparation for their board exams. At the initial stage of preparation when the students are unaware or have very little knowledge of the basic concepts and facts, students can quickly jump to NCERT Solutions. 

These books consist of NCERT solutions which are explained in simple and understanding language. It makes the concepts easier to grasp and understand. NCERT books are essential and play a vital role in exam preparation, along with other guidebooks and practice materials. It is an ideal approach to clear all the doubts about concepts in all subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology. Hence the best way, students can consider NCERT books as the first step in climbing the ladder of success to clear the examinations.

Here are a few factors about how NCERT books are useful:

  • NCERT books are beneficial and simple to follow as the concepts are explained in an understandable manner based on the student’s ability.
  • Reading NCERT books thoroughly ensures that the topics are crystal clear. There are questions to solve and revise so that students can perceive their level of preparation. With clear concepts, scoring good marks becomes easier.
  • Questions in the board papers are usually asked from the NCERT books alone as the CBSE Board itself prescribes it. 
  • Students can answer a large variety of problems that are provided in the NCERT textbook, which help them in better understanding of the concepts.
  • From the exam point of view, one should mainly know the weightage of various chapters mentioned in the syllabus, which is an indication to understand which sections are more important to score good marks.
  • Solving previous year question papers helps in boosting confidence level and lowers your exam fear.
  • Solve more number of sample papers to get to know what kind of questions are repeated and mark it essential so that it will be useful during revision time.
  • Once the chapter is completed, take up mock tests so that you get to know the level of understanding about each chapter.
  • Keep note of important formulas, derivations and theorems which will be easy for regular revision.

NCERT textbooks include the latest syllabus as per the CBSE guidelines which are made available to all the grades. For students to help make learning easier, NCERT Notes For All Classes are provided by the subject matter experts who have formulated the answers based on the student’s ability. The books are revised from time to time based on the guidelines issued by the CBSE board. Students should make sure all the contents in the books are appropriately understood so that it helps in achieving their desired goals. 

Hence, students are advised to thoroughly go through NCERT Solutions before the final exam to secure more than 95% of marks in their board examinations.


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