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Health Remedies for Your Dog Skin Issues

Dogs are truly man’s best friend. This is why, as a dog parent, you want the best for your pup and that includes its general wellbeing. 

However, one dog health issue that is oftentimes overlooked is skin issues. This may be because they have soft coats that cover their skins. But despite the coats, your pet can have dry skin issues (just like you) and other skin-related problems. You can read this article to learn some of the signs and causes of dry skin in dogs. 

So, if you notice your pup’s skin is red or abnormal in any way or it is constantly itching, then it may be suffering from some skin issue. There are some remedies that you can use to help your pet in this case. In this read, we will be discussing some of these remedies. 

1. Vitamin E

Some of you have at some point or the other used vitamin E oil as a remedy for dry skin. What if we told you that the oil can also have the same impact on your dog? 

All you have to do is pop the capsule, get the oil and smear it on your pup. Dogs require this vitamin since it has properties that can help the skin’s issue heal fast. It also serves as a moisturizer for irritated spots. 

This would reduce your dog’s licks, chews, and scratches. We also bet it would appreciate the massage. Apart from this, the use of cbd oil for dogs is also suggested for various health issues.

2. Benadryl

Benadryl is a drug, an antihistamine that works great for intense itching in dogs. It is very great for pups that can’t sleep due to severe itching. This is because it has sedative side effects (although unintended), so it can calm your pup while reducing the itchiness. 

Vets often prescribe the same dose children or adults take; however, don’t assume to know the accurate dose your dog needs just by sizing it up. You have to speak to your vet so he can give you the correct dosage. 

3. Play and Exercise

We bet you didn’t see this coming and you are now wondering how this would help your dog. Well, it is easy, when you keep your pup distracted with play and exercises, it would be happy. When you occupy its time with activities like running, walking, playing fetch, or anything that you both enjoy doing together, it won’t be bored. 

In extension, its sore spot won’t bother it as much. This shouldn’t even be an issue since your dog needs exercise to maintain general wellness. 

If you have a busy schedule, you can enroll the help of your friend, neighbor, you can even employ a dog-walker. Now, while this remedy won’t take away the issue, it will surely help your baby sleep better despite the discomfort. 


4. Steroids

Steroids like dexamethasone and prednisone are often prescribed by vets for dogs’ skin issues. They often fight inflammation which causes skins itchiness and pain. 

Oftentimes, inflammation is caused when allergies in a pet are left undiagnosed. You can visit to learn more about dog allergies and how they can be diagnosed. When steroids are given for this issue, their effects often last for weeks. 

Topical steroids should be used for other skin conditions that aren’t inflammatory. You may only have to use them on the irritated spot; this may have to be done always or whenever the issue arises. The downside to topical solutions is that your pet would want to take it off and they would use their tongues for it. This may end up upsetting their stomachs. 

Finally, steroids have several side effects. Therefore, only use them as a last resort when other alternatives aren’t working or the symptoms are now severe. 

5. Oatmeal Baths

Have you ever had dry skin or know someone that has? Then chances are you could know of oatmeal baths. It is an old solution that works wonders for itchy and scaly skin. It also cuts across species (humans and canines). 

What do you have to do? It is simple; get some oatmeal cereal, you could also use plain, regular, no-sugar oatmeal. Blend them into powder with a blender or food processor. Add the blended oatmeal to your pet’s warm bath. 

Ensure the water isn’t too hot but merely warm, hot water could cause more damage. Allow your pup to stay in the bath for a minimum of 15 minutes. The oils and proteins in the blended powder will soothe its skin. At the end of the 15 minutes (or more) rinse it off. 

6. Antibiotics

Bacterial infections may not be the root cause of the problem. However, when your pet keeps scratching, it may have some open wounds and these can easily get infected. 

In which case, you may need to use an oral or topical antibiotic to treat the infection. Sometimes, if the condition is quite severe, antibiotics may be given in injection form. 

7. Medicated Shampoos

These are especially great for hotspots treatments. You may want to clip off the hair in the affected area before you start washing. This would give you proper access to the area. 

We recommend you get a medicated shampoo that has antiseptics or drying agents. These do not just clean, but they also quicken the drying process of the wounds and reduce itching. 

Ensure you get reliable dog products and properly read and follow the instructions on the pack. If your pup’s condition becomes worse or you notice any ulceration, redness, or inflammation on its skin, then stop using the shampoo immediately.


In this article, we have discussed health remedies that you can use for your dog’s skin issue. These remedies will help ease your pet’s itchiness and discomfort. 

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