Has using an inversion table worked for your back pain?

Has using
Has using

A lot of people are not really aware of what actually an inversion table is, so in this article, we’ll first apprise you about that and then proceed with its ill effects (if any). Read on and get to know whether using an inversion table can be beneficial for your back pain or not. 

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What is an Inversion Table? 

Inversion therapy is a technique to help the spine health that angles the body downward for a couple of minutes. The therapy uses gravity and your own bodyweight to help stretch and elongate the spine in order to alleviate the pressure of compressed discs which is basically practiced by using an inversion table. The inversion table allows the person to secure themselves and then adjust the angles according to their need. The user remains in the inverted position for as long as they choose to. 

A major chunk of people undergo this therapy during visits to their chiropractors or physiotherapists. However, if you feel like you could benefit from regular therapy without the need for an appointment, then order an inversion table for yourself. These tables are crafted with an intention to serve the people in their respective homes. 

Uses of an Inversion Table

The main motive behind inversion therapy is that it’s supposed to be away for a person to counter the effects that gravity has on their body. It’s believed that with time gravitationally caused compression can result in chronic back pain, fatigue, and other related symptoms. Not only this, but there are also many cases of chronic back pain that are not specific. Most people are too sedentary these days and they sit for long periods in the same position without enough active movement. For them, the solution is an inversion table because it alleviates the pressure from the spine and increases the space between vertebrae. 

Here is some condition which people manage with an inversion table include:

Benefits of inversion table: 

  • Spine-health- this is a major reason why people experience back pain. Not adhering to the neutral posture consistently all day puts unnecessary stress on the spine when it’s not angled rightly. Inversion therapy/table helps to make the health of the spine and it improves it. 
  • Need for surgery- Holistic wellness and pain management approaches are crucial for those who are the brim of requiring their lumbar pain. In order to make better changes in the lifestyle and to protect your health inversion therapy could be a great solution for those people who would otherwise need to follow a surgical procedure.
  • Reduce stress-  those using inversion tables reported that it helped them reduce their stress. The inverted positions like keeping your head below your heart are known to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. It helps the people de-stress and therefore the inversion table is a good and healthy solution for those in stress. 
  • Increase mobility- People with back pain avoid physical activity but mobility is and some sort of activity is recommended for back pain. As without it the pain will worsen and you’ll experience a decrease in the mobility rate. Inversion table is a good solution that might help ease the pain and keep the rate of mobility fine.


After reading the benefits of the inversion table we can certainly claim that the usage of an inversion table can do wonders to ease the back pain. Not only it’ll help in reducing the back pain but will also keep you healthy and stress-free. So if you’re wondering whether the table will be helpful for a person who experiences back pain very frequently then an inversion table is a good idea. But before having one we recommend you to see a physiotherapist and let him/her advise you better about its application and need to be used by you. 


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