GIS Education – Facilitates Various Applications in our Life

Annotation 2020 06 22 173310
Annotation 2020 06 22 173310

GIS, also known as Geographic Information Systems, is a field of research and technology that is related to issues regarding time and space. It is also known as Geospatial technology. This technology facilitates various applications that we use daily and which makes our lives much easier, like the Global Positioning System or GPS as we call it. It also provides you with the weather conditions and changes in a region. 

Geographic Information System may sound like it consists of everything related to the earth, but let us tell you that it contributes hugely to domains like economics as well. Researchers use this technology to monitor locations, formulate economic policies, and also help in the social work sector. Geospatial education is spread over a large network of educational course sites. Geospatial course or the Geographic Information Systems Courses have been focused on and designed well over the last two decades by researchers. Geospatial technology has gone through a lot of modification, evaluation, and development. GIS education and courses have helped a lot in becoming a major step to inform young and inquisitive minds about the tools of the geospatial technology. 

Introduction to GIS Education

Online educational portals are used by teenagers and young adults very frequently. One very fascinating fact is that Geographic Information Systems have now been introduced in schools too. The students who are high school are introduced to this topic. A lot of you must be feeling that high school is too early to introduce children to topics like Geographic Information Systems. Well, it was their parents’ idea. The parents felt a need to introduce professional courses to children in high school so that they get an idea of how it is going to be when they pass college and enter their jobs. 

This topic is important because one should also stay updated about the place they live in – the Earth, and its components. You can opt for a course in Geographic Information Systems at any of the colleges and universities. If you are on a vacation but haven’t gone out of home, you can always log in to an online portal and take up a GIS course there itself. 

Geographic Information Systems are an important part of today’s education as they are related to our day to day activities. It makes us appreciate our world more, and constantly reminds us that we are dependent on technology and at the same time, on the mercy of nature and the planet. GIS technology provides us with the luxury of tracking each other’s location, finding our way to a certain place with the help of GPS, using applications like the survey123. Not only this, this technology gives you the freedom to search for various information like different species, historical monuments, and air and water quality, etc. 

Why is GIS Education important?

Geographic Information System encourages education that is based on problem solving and inquiry. The lessons taught under this discipline are ready-to-use lessons. The advancement in the technology of computers and laptops has provided better access to GIS technology. The reason for the GIS education being so popular is its interface with a lot of other disciplines. It facilitates economic policies, hence has its branches in economics. It facilitates social work; hence it has a branch in social science. It also helps in detecting the weather of a region, thus, it is also a part of meteorology. 

The Geographic Information Systems, or the GIS, might once have been an alien discipline that people did not want to engage to, but it is a different century and the times have changed for sure. Mainstream is not what the Gen Z, or the current generation, is looking for. The current students and the upcoming ones are looking for professions that excite them, make then love their work, feel highly relatable, and does not compromise on the money part. And if there is a course and profession that ticks all the boxes, it is the geographic information systems. 

The Geographic Information System software is the main component of the GIS technology. It is the root of the GIS technology and everything is carried out through and across it. Geographic Information Systems facilitates careers that are dependent on large chunks of geographic data and information, to make decisions at their workplace. The GIS data is also used by the administration to formulate policies for public and economic welfare. If you are interested in engaging with a profession where you are required to contribute to projects that are for the good of the society, and not just an individual of a group of people, you should go for this profession. 


GIS is a technology that is reaching heights and is getting popular day by day. The main reason for this is the diversity of GIS technology and its practicality and application. The GIS Education has always been intriguing among the students. Students are interested in a discipline that requires them to use maximum practical knowledge.


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