Gain an Insight into the Cost of Living in Australia in 2020

Australia is an immigrant’s paradise and is an incredible place to live and raise your family. However, prior to immigrating to a new country as a permanent resident, the first thing that hits your mind is that “What will be the cost of living in Australia?” It is a question that you need an answer for to arrange your expenses well in advance. No matter whether you’re a billionaire or millionaire, you will always make sure that your expenses should not exceed your earnings. 

Australia used to be and is still the immigrant’s favourite spot where they want to spend their whole lives without any stress and worries. Be it the serene ambiance or the rich lifestyle, Australia has everything to quench your thirst. That’s the reason it is the cream of the crop amongst all the other countries across the globe. 

Now, let’s catch the sigh of the expenses one by one, right from the salary to the groceries. 

The Pay Scale 

Well, the occupations that’re more in demand and has the skill shortage are:

  1. Speech Pathologist – AU$62616
  2. Registered Nurses – AU$61896
  3. Mechanical Engineer – AU$72107
  4. Early Childhood Educator – AU$50275 

The above are the occupations that’re high in demand in the kangaroo land. So, if you’ve any of the above skills, you can calculate your points in the Australia Immigration Points Calculator and submit your Australia PR Application, and earn high. 

Housing Expenses 

You can either rent an apartment or buy your own, all depends upon your capacity to spend. The rental costs are high in Australia, and it depends upon various parameters such as the region or a particular state, the quality and the size of the property. Generally, the rent in the rural areas is lower than the urban ones. 

It’s always expensive to rent an apartment in Sydney or Melbourne, then in some other countries. If you’re low on budget, you can rent an apartment in Adelaide, Perth, Darwin or Hobart that’re comparatively cheaper than other states such as Melbourne, Canberra and many more. 


The main utilities in a home are electricity and water. Nowadays, having an internet connection is also mandatory. In Australia, the phone calls are cheap and reasonable whereas the internet is extremely expensive. 

The prices of water also depend upon the location of your apartment. When it comes to electricity, there are many suppliers to choose from. Well, you can also rent an apartment with a combination of both electricity and gas, that makes it easy for you to get the utilities easily without pondering here and there. 

Transport Expenses 

Many Australians choose to own their car and drive to the place they want to go. On the other hand, there are many public transports that’re available. If you’re low on expense, you can either make use of the public transportation system or can choose to buy a second-hand car from a car dealer. 

Well if you’re buying a used car, you must be aware that it should be covered under the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance, as it’s mandatory in Australia. The insurance covers you under any of the accidents or injuries caused during driving, but doesn’t provide any coverage to the damage caused by the car. If you want to know the exact figures, you can explore the Australia’s sites and become aware of the exact numbers. 

Now, let’s come to Groceries 

Well, if you want to catch the sight of the prices of all the groceries, Numbeo is the best site. You can also scrounge for other as well. Want to look at the prices for the essential groceries? 

Well, have a look. 

Basic Groceries Prices 
Milk (1 Litre)AU$1.54
White Bread (Fresh)AU$2.69
A Dozen of Eggs AU$4.29
1 kg of Cheese AU$9.70
Chicken Breasts (1kg)AU$10.59
Rice (1kg)AU$2.62
Apples (1kg)AU$4.31
Bananas (1kg)AU$3.48

Final Words

So, have you got a glimpse of what are the prices that are there in Australia? Well, prepare well in advance and you can contact the immigration office Melbourne, Immigration office Sydney to more about the expenses. You can also check out various websites. 

Well, prepare for the expenses, meet the Australia Immigration eligibility and apply now for the Australian Permanent Residency as early as possible. You can get in touch with the immigration Australia consultants and get to know more about the cost of living In Australia as a permanent resident. Good luck!

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