A wide range of Research Labs, Bio-Chemical Industries and Medical Felids have already stated using Drying Ovens. Within a short span of time Drying Ovens have emerged out to be one of the most prime Electrical Appliances. Also they are highly recommended because of the factors such as durability, corrosion-resistance and longer functional life. 

Design- Modern Designs holds the Aluminium Tray with easy loading and un-loading features in it. The Modern Drying ovens have easy removable racks for proper cleaning internally also fitted with Anti-tilting guide bars. A wall mounting support is also provided by most of the major manufacturers.

Basic Concept-The concept of Modern Drying Oven is based on Thermostat System offering with an additional safety in Modern Drying Oven by delivering a smooth finish to external layers with internal integration and support to internal cable system.

Replacement Services- Most of the manufacturers offers the fast Replacement Services of the machine and products depending on any damage done from packing to un-packing or un-loading of the Electrical Device.

A Uniform and Perfect Air Flow-Today with the advancement of Technology the engineers and manufactures of drying Ovens are able to provide extra support by optimizing the risk of any mis-happening or any Electrical Accident occurred. The ovens ensure a Uniform Air Flow within a close proximity of the Heating Components. There is also a complete Isolation System.


The Factory is located in Gujarat-India and the plant is highly equipped with latest tools and machine. EIE Instruments Pvt. Ltd designs all kinds of High-Quality Oven and on the other hand the Company has a wide range of Drying Oven simultaneously. The Company claims to have all niche ISO-Certified Products and ASTM, BS, DIN and ISO Certifications for Electrical Drying Ovens. In addition to this the company was established in years 1978 and since then the Company has been renowned as a leading Third party calibration service provider as per ISO – 17025 (NABL) guidelines. The company started manufacturing some of the Electrical Equipment such as lab oven, environment chambers, incubators, refrigerators and freezers etc. in the begin but now the Company has successfully become the leading manufacturers of India for Drying Ovens.

EIE Drying Ovens are User-Friendly Being on the leading list for best Drying Oven for un-matched reasonable price the company customizes the Lab Ovens that meet your specific application requirements. The Company witnesses the manufacturing, Quality assurance and Calibration of Electric Drying Oven. The company is continuously expensing and developing to come more close to the clients and their valuable customers.

They are here to help just contact the -


There are many leaders and best performance manufactures in India and thus to remain the leaders in the market they hire most qualified engineers and technicians in their plants/factories and significantly are working with the latest technologies. The investments made on the Product- Drying Oven are dependent on Product Optimization and Service Development. The leaders in the Manufacturing Industries work with the latest technology in the market that automatically improve the Machine- Performance and Product-Reliability. Most if the manufactures today built and supply wide range of options in Drying- Ovens including over-temperature protection, loading and handling mechanisms or advanced temperature control systems. Manufacturing a Drying Oven is a huge investment plan and thus the manufacturers control all the necessary steps in their production and maintains the quality of the product.

 Irrespective of the Uniform Temperature the drying ovens are capable of operating at normal temperatures and can bear up to 1000ͦ Fahrenheit. Some of the famous manufactures of Drying Ovens are David Weisman LLC, Wiscoinsin Oven Corporations, MV International Pvt. Ltd, EIS Instruments Pvt. Ltd, Stericox Sterilisers System of India, Tech Expert India and AC MAS The Furthermost Report includes the global drying oven market has been segmented into five major regions, namely -North America (U.S., Canada, and others), Europe (U.K., France, Germany, Russia, and others), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India, Australia, and others), South America (Brazil, Argentina, and others), and Middle East & Africa (South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and others). 


There are some very important points while selecting a Drying Oven Manufacturers from any of the Manufactures. Before making the final payments kindly check the quality of its construction and its performance. As it is an Electrical Appliances also make sure on the total guarantee given on the safety of the product. Along with the basic construction and design such as having an Aluminium Tray and Vacuum Regulation also check the tightness of the door of Drying Oven.Today the manufactures are so apprehensive about the specifications that they construct and design according to your need. Thanks to the manufactures of India that we are able to use and select the Electrical Devices as per our needs and requirement.

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