Consumer IoT: The Top Use Cases

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Consumer IoT, sometimes known as CIoT, is the Internet of Things in the context of consumer applications, use cases, and devices. In other words, the distinction between the Internet of Things and the Consumer Internet of Things is mostly based on the sorts of devices/applications, the technology that powers them, and their intended use. In 2020, consumer IoT will account for $98 billion. The IoT adoption for consumer goods will be accelerated by working from home and other practices started during the pandemic. The 5G Internet of Things will open up new sales opportunities for consumer electronics. The rapid and versatile capabilities of 5G are expected to expand IoT adoption markets into 2022 as it reaches critical mass. In one research, it was stated that Consumer IoT will become the third biggest industry in terms of IoT spending globally by 2020.

Here are some Consumer IoT in practice – 

1. Smart homes and home security

Home security is a significant area where the consumer Internet of Things is becoming increasingly relevant. Intrusions and illegal entries may now be tracked and avoided before they become a problem. Home  Surveillance equipment is only one element of the smart home where we see linked devices becoming widespread in household appliances, among other things. Room control, entertainment systems, and other features are also available in smart houses. These applications vary from simple and inexpensive to more complex smart home automation technologies.

2. Healthcare and IoT: 

Individual healthcare is another important area where the Consumer Internet of Things is reaping significant benefits. Blood pressure and heart rate bands, for example, that are driven by IoT connecting us directly to the public health system, allowing us to receive prompt aid when something goes wrong. Monitoring athletes’ vital signs while training using personalized wearables is likewise becoming more popular in the sports world. Other possibilities in the healthcare business include patient surveillance, elderly and handicapped care, fall detection, and so on. As previously said, there is an increasing convergence between healthcare applications and the use of IoT in healthcare.

3. Wearable technology: 

Wearables are occasionally used for personal healthcare, but they are also growing popular in applications other than fitness trackers and smartwatches, as previously noted. Wearables are set to revolutionize not just how we reside, but also how we function. Wearables, for example, are utilized to safeguard factory employees, implying that they are also used in the Industrial Internet of Things. However, the majority of wearables are common in consumer electronics. The market is anticipating succeeding smart wearables that are less reliant on smartphones.

4. Tracking of personal assets:

From smartphone monitoring to GPS pet tracking, tracking any asset is popular in CIoT. Pet monitoring is becoming extremely prevalent in order to provide total peace of mind to pet owners. They can track their dogs’ movements. Asset tracking solutions enable this and allow for the tracking of anything, even over long distances where IoT coverage is available for low power wide area networks (LPWAN) protocols such as LoRa, Sigfox, or NB-IoT.

As a feature in daily gadgets and products, IoT is becoming the standard. It will allow FMCG companies to focus on the benefits of IoT for customers and ideas for engaging users. None of these usage situations occur in a vacuum. It is worth emphasizing that IoT is a network. Changes in one node have an effect on others. Hence, to thrive your IoT systems to reach their full potential, collaborating with a reputed IoT app development company is a must. For instance, TechAhead who has more than a decade long experience in helping companies reach their targets by providing them their dream application. It is the IOS App Development Company that provides services right from IoT product design to its testing. Fix a free appointment with TechAhead now!


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