Best Basement Flooring Options

Best Basement Flooring Options

Looking for the best basement flooring options? Well, then congrats! You are in the right place. You will get an idea here about how to can find the finest local flooring companies in Reston. Finding the best options mean that you need all things perfectly, like cost, durability, comfort, appearance, and installation.

The main purpose of hiring local flooring companies in Reston is possible because you have planned a basement remodeling or you want a floor up-gradation. In both cases, there is no chance of compromising quality, comfort, and design.  

But you have to cautiously select the basement company because the conditions on the basement floor are different from the upstairs floor. So be careful while communicating with the company who has remodeled the upstairs floor for you.  Because now you are in a need of basement flooring company.

Although most of the basement flooring materials are DIY-friendly, still it will affect your flooring choices and installation options. But if you are using a good listing website to find your required basement flooring company then it will be easier and more reliable for you to take the decision.

HighFive listing is one of those best listing sites, where you can find the best basement flooring options. It will make your task easier for you rather than searching randomly for good local flooring companies in Reston.

Fix The Existing Floor First

No meter what type of basement flooring option you are going to consider, if you haven’t fixed any problem in the original concrete floor it might cause problems in the future. If the concrete surface is rough or uneven then try to smoothen it and make it even. Check if there sure any cracks, if yes then see whether these cracks are wide or not.

Check for any possible displacement in the floor where there is a crack in a section of the floor and it is shifted up or down. One important thing is to confirm if there is water coming into the basement during wet weather or not? If it is coming then it might cause a major issue. All these kinds of damaged should be immediately repaired before installing the new basement flooring.

Options For Subfloor

If you do direct installation of basement flooring material then it might result in a floor that is cold underfoot. This flooring material includes; paint, tile, rubber flooring, and epoxy. These can go down directly over the basement’s concrete floor.  

So, it’s essential to install a subfloor over the concrete if you are remodeling your basement for family use. But if it’s for a workshop or workout are then, the cold floor may get tolerable. But try to opt for this option for better results.

If you have decided to go for a subfloor option then, keep one thing in mind that a special subflooring will be required for this purpose. It is also considered as one of the best basement flooring options. This special subfloor should not get deteriorate or moldy when exposing to moisture.

You can find different brands on HighFive listings that provide subfloor tiles which includes a drainage space in case of any moisture on the concrete. Along with this, it will also provide rigid foam insulation and a composite surface for the subfloor that will serve for finished flooring as a substrate.  

Wood Flooring 

If you are someone who likes wood floors and wants to have a real wood flooring feel then, engineered wood flooring is the right choice for you. There is one type which is called solid wood flooring, don’t go for this type because it might not be a suitable option for your basement flooring. But you can have engineered wood flooring that will work fine for the basement.

It has a thin layer of genuine wood that is bonded to other composite board and woodpiles. Its composition is usually similar to the plywood. It’s better to install it over the subfloor, otherwise, it can go down over a concrete floor.

Sheet Vinyl

Want a floor which won’t cost much? Then you should go for a sheet vinyl option because it is a quite affordable option. You can get a new floor look just by buying a large roll of vinyl. It will give you numerous options as it is durable, available in a wide variety and is easy to clean.

But one challenge that you might face is the right installation of it. For the best appearance, install it over a subfloor.

Porcelain and Ceramic Tile

If you are looking for a waterproof, and durable flooring option then, ceramic and porcelain tile is the right choice for you. It is well suited for damp environments. Another advantage of using it is its affordable cost. It will be installed directly on the subfloor and will last forever.

It also offers a huge variety of styles and formats. One of its popular types is the large-format porcelain tile. The tile’s gaze blocks the moisture so there is no need for an underlayment. But one thing should be kept in mind while installing it. The concrete subfloor must be even.

Rubber Tile or Sheets

It is considered a good option because of its durability, waterproof ability, stain resistivity, and easy to clean advantages. These types of tiles can go down directly over concrete or over a subfloor. But there is only a limited range of colors available in this option, so you have to choose wisely.


This is applied much like paint, but it will create a smoother thicker layer, which will be more durable and easier to clean. In it plastic flakes and fine sand is added over the surface after its installation. The flakes will add texture and color, while sand adds texture. This option can be an excellent choice for workrooms and home gyms.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and find the best local flooring companies in Reston. With HighFive Listings, you can find different service providers that are listed with them.  Best basement flooring options is no more a thing you must stress over.


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