Artists, here are some exciting ways of making money online


There is a typical saying that artists cannot make money through art. It’s not possible in their lifetime. However, there is little truth in this fact. It was valid to some extent in ancient times. However, today things have changed. When everybody resorts to the online platform in this digital world, you can also realize your dream of making money through your art. If you have a creative sense and want to innovate something, you can turn your potential into a viable source of income. It will bring you not only money but also fame. Hence, you will have to start considering passive and active income ideas that will reveal to the world your good side.

It is important to note that should you decide to embark on one of the money-making ventures listed below, you will be subject to taxation in the event that you generate any new income. If you’re financially-savvy and accustomed to paying taxes, then you should have no issues reporting this new income via your personal tax software of choice. If your financial prowess is lacking, then it might be best to consult with a tax professional to ensure you do not have any issues. The last thing you want is trouble with the IRS.

Use social media for selling art

Since it’s a digitally-driven world, social media has become an integral part of human life. There are various social media outlets where you can expose your artistic self. If you want to begin your creative journey, social media is the best option. You will climb the ladder of social platforms and grab fame in no time. When you try to discover how to sell art online and make money, all you need to do is connect with your buyers and show them your potential. Since the social media platform is all about engaged followers, you will have to increase your popularity through your account. The higher the demand for the art, the better it is for you. Hence, you will have to direct all your effort in drawing followers and astounding them with your creativity. Apart from the technical side, social media has the potential of boosting sales, provided you have a knack for it. If you want to grab the world’s attention, the first thing you will have to do is post good-quality images. You will have to gear up on your photography skills and reveal the best part of your art. Stick to different, unified brands or styles and find hashtags, filters, vocabularies that will represent your art. Images with creative captions garner maximum attention. You must use a relevant hashtag and write an attractive bio, and that too regularly.

Use e-commerce platforms for teaching art

If you are an extrovert and proactive artist, it won’t be difficult to find students who want to learn your art. First and foremost, you have to specialize in one type of art and then find students to go with it. Teaching art online has become a lucrative source of income. Making money with art has different avenues, and you have to explore them.

Sell designs and wall art online

Illustrators, painters, graphic artists, and designers may earn money by selling wall art and other attractive artworks. You have to digitize the painting with the assistance of scanning and photography. Different graphic designing programs and illustrators are available for creating posters that can work wonders for your venture. You may sell a digital copy of the art and grab the attention of your customers. Moreover, the print-on-demand platform will help you create and ship artwork of your choice. These print-on-demand platforms have become a viable means of earning revenues. If you want to pull the attention of your social media followers, you will have to set up online platforms and be consistent with your artwork. When posting photographs, ensure that they reveal the best part of your art and inform the customers of every dimension. Work on the details and ensure that there is transparency in your data. If your customers find a discrepancy, they will not come back to you.

Work on your business network

The best way of succeeding in this industry is to build a network. If you want your tangible products to gain popularity, you will have to communicate with other players. Understand their services, branding, packaging, shipping, and customer service. Reputable print-on-demand businesses have a lot to offer you. Use their contacts and strategies so that you can realize your dream. Remember that gaining customers in this highly competitive world is a challenging task. Even more challenging is to retain them for a long time. You will have to work on your marketing strategy when trying to show your artistic side. Every business requires a model. You will have to work on the details of your business model to strive in this competitive world.

With multiple online platforms, it is becoming challenging for individuals to earn revenues. However, you can develop your skills and set yourself in the industry with some consistency and research. Try to multiply your opportunities by communicating with your customers and providing them with original work. Be cautious of your pricing strategy and ensure that they are not too high. Apart from this, you will have to review your marketing strategies repeatedly and grab feedback from your customers to see where you stand in the market. 


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