Apple’s New 13-Inch Macbook: All Updates of Release Date, Price, Specs and Keyboard

Apple’s Macbook
Apple’s Macbook

Apple Inc. has just launched its new 13-inch MackBook that has a 13.3-inch LED-backlit display with IPS technology. The MacBook Pro has just launched in India with the base price of a minimum Rs 1,22,990.

However, in the US, people can make pre-orders with the minimum base price of $1,299.  Hence, the buyer of the US can make pre-order at a lesser cost. The MacBook Pro has the feature of 2560×1600 resolution to give the feel of superior video quality and comes with three variants too. The other variants have three minimum base prices which are $1,499, $1,799 and $1,999.

The price ranges vary as RAM and storage limit varies on these newly released MacBook Pro variants. Others feature of this Apple product is P3 colour gamut support and Truetone technology with 500 nits brightness level that will also provide a high quality of video and screen adjusting experience. Hence, the screen has been enhanced at its’ best. The total storage capacity of the MacBook is 1TB which is configured to 4TB if you want and this is powered by 32GB RAM support and Intel 10th generation Core i5 processor. Hence, Apple Inc. has decided to make the laptop with the latest hardware technology. The laptop has a magic keyboard.

Apple has decided to bring back the popular scissor-style keys that enable the user to type more comfortably even in travelling time. Earlier, the company used the Butterfly key that was unable to please the users positively. Hence, the laptop has a strong hardware feature with excellent screen control and presentation options. There are more features of excellent quality hardware in the laptop. For the best experience of audio quality, this version of Apple Laptop has included stereo speakers with three-mic array and Dolby Atmos playback. Hence, you can enjoy the best quality of music with 3.5mm headphone jack.

The company has decided to include 58-watt hour battery and according to Apple, this high powered battery can deliver up to 10 hours of browsing. Lastly, along with the laptop, the buyer will get 61W USB Type-C power adapter. Almost all the industries have reported a decreased number of sales as all the economic activities are stopped now. In such a condition, it’s really interesting to see if Apple’s new 13-inch MacBook can get a good response from the market. There are chances of good response from the market as the laptop is made such a way to provide higher positive user experience with the strong build of hardware configuration while the only problem is the recently decreased in the income of some target group of Apple due to COVID-19. MacBook Pro 2019, as discussed earlier has awful Butterfly Keyboard and released with same chassis and incremental hardware up-gradation.

Furthermore, the company has also released MacBook Pro 16-inch at the end of last year with a new keyboard and best quality speakers. The MacBook Pro 2020 can be one of the most interesting launches yet for all-round better quality than the earlier version and making it best possible in all dimensions.



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