Advantages of Using Rope Barriers for Crowd Control

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Rope barriers are an excellent tool for properly controlling crowds. You can buy rope barriers attached with stanchions for sale for this purpose.

These barriers are designed so that guests line up and move through a path, allowing the queue area to be as short as possible. They can also create two queues going in opposite directions at once, ideal for scenarios like ticket sales or concessions.

Here are just some reasons why you should be using rope barriers instead of other forms of crowd control measures.

What are Rope Barriers?

Rope barriers use long rope lengths connected to stiff plastic stanchions on either end. The rope is usually about four feet high but can be adjusted for crowds of different heights.

The crowd control technique is best for areas where you need to control two queues, like ticket sales. The barriers can also be used in single lanes for other activities like concessions.

Why Use Stanchions with Ropes?

Using stanchions with rope can help keep your ropes in place and never lose their tension. If the ropes were tied together or even attached to posts, they would fall apart.

You can buy stanchions for sale that allows the barrier to be easily removed and installed as needed. The stanchions can also be reattached if someone accidentally pulls at one end of the rope.

In addition to that, using stanchions with ropes also prevents people from stepping over the barrier. Barriers made of rope alone would quickly be damaged if guests kept walking on them or climbing over them.

Advantages of Rope Barriers

Here are the top benefits of using rope barriers.

Easier To Move

Rope barriers are relatively lightweight, so they are easy to move or adjust if necessary. You can make the entire barrier longer or shorter by simply moving one of the stanchions along the rope.

It makes it simple for two teams to use two different lanes simultaneously without stopping and adjusting the barriers.

Less Expensive

You can buy rope barriers with stanchions for sale from a shop where crowd control equipment is sold. They are far less expensive than other barrier options. You don’t need a particular crew or a lot of time to set up or take down the ropes.

Higher Visibility

Since rope barriers are made of rope instead of hard plastic, they are visible to guests.

It can help reduce people’s likelihood of climbing over the barrier or walking through it.

Less Likely to Damage the Area

Since there isn’t much material used in creating ropes for crowd control barriers, they are less likely to damage tiled surfaces or other floorings.

Some of the older, more traditional crowd control barriers were made from metal and could easily cause damage to these surfaces.

Can Be Used in Various Locations

Rope barriers can be used in a variety of locations. You can use them outside of buildings or set up ropes around outdoor stages during concerts or other events. They are also ideal for any indoor/outdoor space.

Can Keep People Safe

Rope barriers can be used to keep people safe in any situation where two crowds are trying to flow through the area at once. They give each person their own space and prevent them from crowding around or getting into trouble during an event.

No Hassle

Rope barriers are easy to use and takedown. You can have them set up or removed in a matter of minutes, so you don’t have to waste time when crowds aren’t present.

Adjust Easily

Rope barriers allow the teams to use the ropes and stanchions to adjust their positioning as needed quickly. They can move up or down the rope, making it easy to adjust for different height crowds.

No Hire Fees Necessary

Rope barriers for crowd control typically don’t require any special tools or permits, so there’s no need to pay for a crew or hire someone to install the ropes.

Top Quality

You can find high-quality rope and stanchion sets made from durable material that will keep your guests safe and prevent damage to the area where the ropes have been installed.


Rope barriers can be made from a lightweight material that is easy to transport and store when it’s not being used. Ropes will remain in place during a significant event, but they can be rolled up to take home when the show is over.


Using rope barricades for crowd control is an excellent choice in any situation where you need to separate two sides of people.

You can make the entire barrier longer or shorter when needed by simply moving one of the stanchions along the rope. The simple adjustment isn’t possible with traditional crowd control barriers made from hard materials like metal and plastic.


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