8 Fragrances That Are Considered An Aphrodisiac

The word “aphrodisiac” stems from Aphrodite’s name, who was considered the Greek goddess of love. Aphrodisiac fragrances are those scents that stimulate a sexual arousal by increasing pleasure, lust, or execution. From the beginning of time, human beings have used aphrodisiac scents to foster an intimate environment. In fact, even the Kama Sutra includes mentions of using the fragrance of oils and spices to set the mood. 

However, despite their popularity, the use of aphrodisiac fragrance has been criticized by many. Now, numerous researches have revealed the evidence that supports that these scents do influence sexual desires. 

How does a scent influence sexual desires? 

Of all the scenes, scent is the most sensitive. Several pieces of research have established a relationship between the smell and cognitive functioning, such as memory and emotion. However, while memory and emotion are integral components of the limbic system, sexual behaviour is also a component. Therefore, the sense of smell can also activate sexual behaviour. 

So, if you are curious about the scents that are considered to be aphrodisiacs, consider the following guide: 


According to research, the smell of lavender combined with pumpkin pie can increase sexual arousal in men by forty percent. Additionally, the scent of lavender also has soothing abilities, therefore, it can create a relaxing environment, which is perfect to set the mood. While most people use lavender scented candles, perfumes can also produce similar effects. 


The scent of vanilla has also proven to have aphrodisiac properties. In fact, a research conducted on male Wistar rats showed that a 200mg dose of vanilla provoked sexual behaviour. However, the effects of vanilla, as an aphrodisiac, has been previously observed as well. Another research revealed that the soft fragrance increased arousal in males by nine per cent. 


Surprisingly, the sweet scent of strawberry also has aphrodisiac properties. According to one research, the strawberry fragrance increased arousal in individuals who were informed about its properties. However, in this case, the results may be attributed to the placebo effect. With that said, the experiment was replicated again with the scent of other fruits, but the same results were not acquired. This suggests that the scent of strawberry does have aphrodisiac properties. 


Unlike strawberry, Jasmine is a more predictable aphrodisiac. This fragrance has been used for centuries to increase libido, as well as to foster an intimate environment. Additionally, the fragrance of Jasmine is commonly used in aromatherapy to soothe the body. This scent directly triggers the release of Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the central nervous system (CNS) of the brain, which leads to a calm and relaxed state of mind. On its own, Jasmine’s fragrance has been used to reduce anxiety, stress and depression. 


The scent of ginger is another surprising aphrodisiac. This spicy fragrance is found in the best men’s perfumes. Combined with other notes, ginger produces a bold, spicy scent, which can facilitate arousal.  Additionally, this scent has also been known to boost the level of energy. Due to its energising properties, ginger was utilised in a study for a Chinese folk medicine. The results concluded  that ginger functioned as a circulatory stimulant to assist individuals with erectile dysfunction.


Cinnamon has a variety of uses. However, researches have shown that this spice also has aphrodisiac properties. According to one research, the fragrance of cinnamon increased the sexual function in older male rats. Going by these results, it can be stated that cinnamon can help individuals with erectile dysfunction.


Doughnuts are not only delicious, but they are also an aphrodisiac. In fact, a research investigating the human male sexual response to olfactory stimuli showed that the fragrance of doughnuts, on the body, was considered more arousing. Additionally, the scent alone increased the blood flow to the groin by seven per cent, however, when this fragrance was mixed with the smell of black licorice, the blood flow to the groin increased by thirty-one per cent. Another version of the study revealed that the scent of donut, combined with lavender, experienced an increase of blood flow to the groin region by eighteen per cent, whereas, when the scent was mixed with cola, a twelve per cent increase was observed. 


Fragrances that comprise citrus notes are known to increase alertness in an individual. However, with that focus, the person becomes more sensitive to their surroundings. As a result, the smell of orange is also an aphrodisiac. According to research, this scent was proven to increase blood flow to the sexual organs by nineteen per cent.

Lily of the valley 

Lilies of the valley give off a floral scent. This scent is now used in a plethora of perfumes, as a result of its aphrodisiac effects. An interesting research was carried out with regards to this fragrance. According to the study, the sperm in men were attracted to the scent of lily of the valley. Therefore, the women who wore this fragrance during intercourse experienced a pregnancy.  

Another research provided evidence for the fact that the lily of the valley’s scent increased the arousal in men by eleven per cent.

The sense of smell is the most powerful among all senses. Therefore, if you are in the mood to enjoy moments of intimacy with your partner,  you can wear a perfume with the aforementioned scent. You can go through the vast range offered by Match Fragrances to find the best perfumes. 

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