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7 Indoor Plants That Helpful For Home Décor


When you have a home of your own, no matter how small the house is; you always love it like your child. And you want to decorate the home with the smallest yet attractive things. What brings a little more life to your home is the greenery. A small house garden will be the perfect way to make your house look beautiful. Indoor plants are many around and available, but it is best to order them from authentic floral shops. Here are 7 best indoor plants that will help you to decorate your home.Speaking of home decoration, try to add a floating planter as well while putting indoor plants in. It’ll be a unique item to your home decoration plus it’ll make your plant look like a levitating plant. A floating planter like Floately Airsai-Floating Plant Pot will help you experience a soothing experience in your space by creating a fascinating sight.

1) Areca Palm

Areca Palm is one of the best indoor house plants if you are planning for the indoor garden to be a corner part of your living room. This is a lush green plant that according to the ‘Vastu-Shastra’ (Feng-Sui) is perfect to keep the plant at the South-West facing window of the room. But, that is not necessary; it can grow equally well elsewhere as well if taken proper care. This plant needs regular watering and occasional potting. If properly taken care of, it will grow as tall as 7feet. This can be one of the reasons why this plant might not fit everyone’s interior. But it filters xylene and toluene from the air, purifying it and making it breathable. 

2) English Ivy

Just like its name, this flower is a very sensitive one. But if you can manage to take care of it in the right way, this will fill your home with its presence and essence. This flower needs direct sunlight to look fresh, a lot of regular watering, but stranded water might kill it. If it does not get enough sunlight, it would invite pests. But if it is taken care of properly, then it helps to purify the air by reducing air-borne fecal-matters and formaldehyde from the air inside. 

3) Aloe Vera

Among all the small indoor plants, this one is one of the most beautiful as well as medicinal. This plant loves to be dry and warm, so it does not need regular watering. Once you check the soil in the pot is dry, it needs water only then. As it thrives the most under proper sunlight, a glass windowpane will be the perfect place to keep the plant grow. Apart from its reduction of formaldehyde and benzene, its gel provides great skin complexions. Once you put the plant in a pot, do not water for 2-3 days and let its root settle. 

4) Bamboo Palm

Italy is one of the best places to order plant delivery for indoor gardens. Bamboo palm is another kind of palm tree that is good for an indoor garden. Though bamboo is associated with the concept of doing something bad to someone; but it is very famous as a lucky tree. A bamboo palm tree is like the Areca palm tree which is very much alike. Their growth, their usages everything is almost the same. But bamboo palm might grow even taller than the areca palm. 

5) Bonsai plants

Bonsai is one of the most popular types of indoor plants. It is the miniature of plants that was first discovered in Japan and became world-famous. In this process, you can grow bigger trees, into Bell-jars in smaller sizes but with the same look. They are very beautiful and also they have a greater role to play in the Feng-Sui beliefs. If you are very satisfied with subtle things, you would love this plant to be a part of the home’s décor. 

6) Rubber plant

This plant is originated from South Africa, but it has a very cheap abundance in China. It removes formaldehyde from the air. It has waxy leaves that grow is gorgeous colors of dark green, pink, burgundy, and orange. It prefers low light to grow longer leaves. It is not feasible to be removed easily from one pot to the other. So, it is best to plant it permanently to a place in your garden. You can send gifts online to someone fond of greeneries around their home. It is a classic plant to even decorate your pathway under the entrance porch. 

7) Snake plant

Italy is the best place to order snake plants from. This plant looks amazing anti-purifier and it is a very easy indoor plant to take care of. Snake plant is a plant that might be a mess, but if you make a gallery and plant it at the top row, it will grow in a pattern. This plant thrives in lower light. It removes toxins from the air so it is a very useful and beautiful indoor plant. 

Plants are always the best decorative of the home or even any occasion. Above are the best indoor plants that would be helpful the most to decorate your house.   

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