6 Ways To Prevent A Cyber Attack

The method by which unauthorized use of a device is detected and prevented is computer security. It requires the defense of resources from persons with malicious motives who at the loss of others, wish to gain benefits through online fraud.

Types of Computer Crimes 


Unauthorized access to a network equipment or computer system is characterized by this behavior.


Unlike the hacker, the cracker is uncertain of computer systems; by hacking actions, the challenge is to breach the software.


Fake emails and websites are involved; the links are obviously sent by well-known individuals or organizations asking for information from users. Also read about the Phishing meaning online.

Evil twins 

There are wireless WiFi networks that tend to be as secure as those found in meeting rooms or coffee shops to provide Internet connections. The presence of a web page is often copied with the intention of stealing a credit card number or passwords entered using the link by scammers.


The computer criminal diverts an user to an entirely fabricated website for this online fraud. In order to change the host file and redirect traffic to a fake website, the attacker will install a virus or a trojan on a device.


The mass sending of unsolicited information via email consists of spam, often called junk mail. The data transmitted is usually for advertising purposes. 

Main Areas That Cover Computer Security

  • Confidentiality. Only approved users, as well as data or information, may access company resources.  
  • Integrity. Only approved personnel should when necessary, be able to change the data.
  • Availability. When required, the data must be accessible to users.  
  • Authentication. Make sure you’re always in touch with the person you trust.

How to Prevent a Cyber Attack? 

  • Make sure that you install lawfully obtained software so that you know that it is free from viruses or trojans.
  • Install antivirus software with correctly specified settings and device rules.
  • To block unauthorized users and prevent them from accessing your computer equipment, buy firewall hardware and software.
  • Using broad and complicated passwords containing letters and numbers; this helps to deter hackers from quickly decrypting them.
  • Beware of social networks. Cyber criminals try to obtain data for potential attacks via social networks.
  • To keep it safe and confidential, encrypt your important information.

Why is Computer Security Important? 

Considers that unlawful cyber attacks or online frauds can misuse the information stored in a computer; an attacker can access and modify certain programs’ source codes. Similarly, to make destructive content or fake accounts, you can leverage email accounts.

To make trouble, crash a computer system, cause data loss, or cause the server to malfunction, cyber criminals often aim to target other machines, websites, or networks.

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