5 Imperial Design Tips to Help Boost That Sense of Wellness in Your Home

Home is our Zen. We humans also love nature and for most, staying close to it even while at home is the ultimate goal. There is also a name for this tendency called biophilia as well. Some people have more of this than others. For ones with any levels of biophilia, natural designs for the home scream wellness.

From building materials to the layout of interior rooms and spaces, that feeling of wellness is connected to everything around. Plants, greenery, natural colors and the lot. Design and color choices can make homes and interiors bring out that natural wellness feeling for many. 

Especially, with 2020 being the year of staying home, most people are spending more time than ever indoors. Here are some home design tips that can help boost that happy feeling for your home:

1: Link Your Outdoors with Indoors Visually

One of the most comfortable and wellness boosting design features is to link your outdoors with indoor spaces. Large views of your backyard or the front garden (whichever you have) go a long way for nature lovers. Natural daylight illuminating interior spaces brings a feeling of being close to nature.

Large living rooms with full wall windows having sliding doors for their panels that open into the backyard are great. You can feel the nature in your back lawn while sitting down in the living room. This can also be boosted when you use natural colors in the living room as well.

However, you might run into problems like too much heat gain, light glare or energy loss with this. Using quality large window vertical window blinds or luxury wood window blinds might be the best way to go. With these, you can control outside factors for the indoors and also have them open when needed.

2: Use of Earthy Colors Boost That Sense of Calm Anytime

Naturally, our human brains are tuned in a way that we like natural earthy colors. Natural plants placed near windows and doors offer that connected with calmness. You can create a natural transition from outdoors to the indoors with several techniques that help with calming the mind.

Easy on the eye landscape portraits or even animal artwork near entry doors and windows create a natural environment. Muted tans with natural greens for wherever they can look great is a great option for a natural calm feeling. Also, roller window blinds are available with any required designs.

In fact, your roller or Roman blinds can be printed with whatever designs you like. Available in natural greens with some landscape portraits as well, these kinds of blinds are perfect for natural earthy finishes. Also, earth tone natural colors for the walls also help calm the brain down.

3: Keep It Bright Open and Vivid

With price of land getting ever more expensive, homes and residences are getting smaller. Naturally, most of us don’t like being confined in small spaces. This is where keeping your interiors open, bright and vivid might help best. Your windows, doors and any other light let-ins can be used perfectly.

When you have windows blinds installed on your wall or door windows, they can be opened easily during day time. With more of the outside visible from your indoors and more natural daylight flowing inside, you will get a much wider feel.

Of course, with quality windows blinds, you can always close them up to get privacy when needed. This enables light control, UV control and also temperature with privacy control when needed. Be sure to have quality blinds and also expand the look and feel in your interiors. 

4: Minimalistic Calmness of Sleek Lines

Minimal designs for interiors look very calming when done right. For elegant homes and buildings, utilizing sleek lines can really provide that feeling of wellness and calmness. This implementation is not exactly new by its implementation but is one of the more efficient ones nevertheless.

Minimalism in interior designing expands to every part of your home. From the way your floor looks to what is on the walls and also everything in between, it all contributes to the experience. Going minimal with sleek lines and not too crowded interiors boosts calmness and that sense of wellness.

Color choices with minimal design themes have to be specific as well. Muted colors that are yet attractive and decent looking work best. Single tone or dual tone color schemes make most sense with minimal calm designs. Something that makes you feel good and gives a wider perspective works.

5: Provide Rooms Nice Accents with Pillows and Rugs

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having minimalistic sleek designs in your rooms. Also, you can complement them with attractive color and design accents. Area rugs are such good opportunities along with pillows and cushions for bedrooms or living rooms.

In addition, you can match them with something like your windows blinds for more authenticity. As long as you don’t go overboard with these accents, they won’t take away that sleek minimal look too. Push in some bright yellow cushions with your grey or matte brown wall paints.

Similarly, your area rugs for large rooms are perfect opportunities as well. Use them to brighten your rooms and provide that much needed life in interior designs. Whatever suits your preference is at the end of the day what works.

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