5 effortless ways to grow beautiful & longer eyelashes

grow beautiful longer eyelashes
grow beautiful longer eyelashes

Eyelashes offer our eyes protection from tiny dust particles and they make our eyes appear more attractive and beautiful. Especially for women, long eyelashes give their eyes a whole new charm, making their faces appear younger, and more feminine.

But due to the constant strain on our eyes due to our endless screen time, the extreme weather conditions outside and even the pollution and our own negligence to take care of our eyelashes result in premature falling of our lashes, making them short and thin over time.

But we so love long, dark and thick eyelashes that there are plenty of make-up products, including eyelash extensions and even fake eyelashes to give our eyes that charming appearances that only longer eyelashes can give.

But many women don’t have enough time or energy to spend a considerable amount of time coating their lashes with various coats of mascara or gluing fake lashes to their short real ones. 

Even if someone finds enough time for donning fake eyelashes every day, all that is not healthy for your eyes and will produce negative results for your real eyelashes as well as impact the health of your Eyelash Removal.

Due to these factors, it becomes inevitable to find easy and cost-effective ways to grow your beautiful and long eyelashes naturally.

Here are 5 ways to boost the natural growth of your eyelashes so that they become long and beautiful:

1 Comb Your Eyelashes to Boost Their Growth:

When it comes to using natural and easy remedies for your eyelashes, you are not likely to have a lot of faith in combing your eyelashes but it is effective for sure.

When you comb your eyelashes, the first thing that happens, which you notice instantly, is that they seem longer just by combing as they appear well-groomed. 

The other benefit of combing your lashes is that the action distributes the oils secreted at the root of the lashes evenly, making them stronger, as well as giving them a subtle sign.

2 Moisturize your Eyelashes to prevent premature falling of your lashes:

You know that just like our bodies need moisture from the instead, similarly various part of our bodies such as our skin, and our hairs also need moisture.

Without moisture, the lashes become dry and brittle, and they break easily and even fall off before completing their hair cycle, giving your lash line a short appearance.

You can use special eyelash moisturizers which you will easily find in the market which can be in a form of serum or cream, or gel. If you want you can even use various oils to keep your eyelashes well-moisturized and soft.

Apart from moisturizing your lashes, there are oils such as castor oil, which gives you thicker lashes, coconut oil helps in growing the lashes, which olive oil boosts hair growth. You can even apply vitamin E on your lashes for moisturizing them as well as increasing their length. The oils can be applied on the lashes just as you would apply any eyelash boosting product such as Careprost eyedrops, using a clean mascara wand or even cotton tip.

3 Use Relaxing Eye Masks for Boosting Eyelash Growth:

Nowadays we don’t offer enough time to our eyes to rest due to which our bodies are not able to boost our eyelash growth as quickly as it should.

Even when we are resting our bodies in the bed, our eyes are wide-open staring at a bright screen, which puts a lot of pressure on our eyes.

Due to this, our eyes are fatigued, which has an impact on our eyelash growth. 

Now you cannot spend half your days sleeping as it is practically impossible given the lifestyle that we have. But using eye masks can help our eyes in various ways. 

There are various ready-to-use masks for our eyelashes which you can buy from the market which you will find along with items such as Careprost eyelash boosting Serum.

If you want to go natural, using cucumber slices on your eyelashes can help, you can even crush cucumber, put it on thin cotton pads, and then apply those pads on your eyes. Green tea masks also help greatly in boosting eyelash growth and their masks will relieve your eyes from fatigue and strain. You should use eye masks at least once a week for healthy eyes as well as for stimulating eyelash growth.

4 Eat Hair Growth Boosting Food Items

The best way to get natural eyelash growth is to offer your body the right type of nutrients so that it can boost your eyelash growth from within.

Our hairs are made up of keratin which is a type of protein so eating food items rich in protein such as lentils, milk, eggs, and other such items are good for your eyelash growth.

You should also eat a variety of fruits and vegetables so that you can get different types of nutrients including various vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals such as iron which are not only essential for your eyelash growth but also for the health of your whole body.

5 Protect Your Eyes from Harm:

Whatever happens to your eyes has an indirect impact on your eyelashes, so be careful about the health of your eyes if you want healthy and long eyelashes.

First of all, make sure that you are not allergic to any of the products that you use on your eyes and eyelashes, be it make-up or oils. Protect them from harmful elements such as direct sunlight or extreme cold, and excessive washing of the eyes which can dry out the lashes.

Sleep well and give your eyes enough rest so that they are rejuvenated, and the roots of your lashes grow stronger with time.

These are the natural ways to ensure that you keep growing and maintaining beautiful, long, and healthy eyelashes.


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