5 Easy-To-Install WordPress Plugins To Backup Your Site

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photo 1563986768494 4dee2763ff3f

Is your website secure? 

Imagine – you spend hours and hours to develop a website to give your business an online presence. And suddenly, you are left with no sign of the website. All your efforts go in vain! Will this be okay for you?

Definitely, not.

No one likes to face such a horrible situation where they have to lose everything, despite putting lots of effort. Hence the need for a backup plugin that keeps your website secure and safe in the cloud.

Is your website built with WordPress? Then you are in a win-win situation!

WordPress is a very powerful website development platform featured with thousands of in-built plugins. And one among them is the backup plugins. Consult this with your developers while you outsource your job to a web development company in Delhi or nearby regions.

In this article, we have paid more attention to the backup plugins offered by WordPress. Note them and gain a better understanding. 

5 Effective WordPress backup plugins for your website

  1. Updraft Plus: Updraft Plus is always heard first whenever someone asks for an effective backup solution for a site. Over 2 million website users have installed this plugin to secure their sites on the cloud or on a computer.

    Updraft Plus is a prominent backup plugin that offers both complete schedule backups and on-demand backups, as recommended by the users. Its specialty lies in versatile ways of storage. It uses Dropbox, Google Drive, S3, FTP, Rackspace, SFTP, email, and other storage spaces to backup sites automatically.
    The surprising thing is it not just backup each WordPress site but even perform the restoration process directly from the WordPress admin panel.

    Updraft can be accessed in both free and paid versions. The paid version offers add-ons like migrating websites, database search, multisite support, etc. No doubt, it offers a complete value for money. 
  2. Backup Buddy: Backup Buddy, what an interesting name it is. Isn’t it? It is even interesting in its performance as well. The premium based backup solution has won the hearts of half a million users worldwide.

    Backup Buddy is a perfect match for your scheduled backups. It performs a complete backup either daily, weekly, or even monthly. You don’t even have to worry about it. Like Updraft, it stores the backups in Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, Google Drive, and even Stash as well. However, if you choose Stash, you get the flexibility to have real-time backups.

    What makes Backup Buddy different? You don’t have to subscribe to anything to access its services. There is no monthly fee, but you have to choose a premium plan as mentioned for your website.

    The premium service offers regular updates, 1 GB Stash storage, itheme sync feature, and many more. Just try this out once for better results.   
  3. BlogVault: BlogVault is noted for creating an automatic backup of sites. Unlike other plugins, it is a SAAS solution offered by the WordPress plugin. To avoid heavy load, it creates offsite backups separately on BlogVault servers.
    Besides creating backups automatically, the plugin can even be used manually. We call this unlimited on-demand backups. Its service is featured with incremental backups that support minimal server load.

    This light-weighted backup solution is indeed a better option for recovering websites easily. However, you need to pay more bucks for this service, making it difficult for small-scale marketers.
  4. BackWPup: BackWPup plugin is another easy-to-use plugin that you can use to schedule your backups as per your site’s frequency. The plugin can be accessed in both free and paid versions. And like other backup tools, this also allows users to store the backups automatically in Dropbox, Amazon S3, email, FTP, or other cloud boxes.

    Besides backups, BackWPup is also easy to restore the backups from the WordPress server. Additionally, the premium version comes with priority support, allowing users to store the backups on Google Drive as well.
  5. VaultPress: Do you need a real-time backup solution? VaultPress can be the best option for that. Although it doesn’t work independently, you need to have a JetPack subscription to access this plugin. Unlike other plugins, it offers multiple cloud backup plans at different price ranges.

    The plan starts at $3.50 per month which offers effective backups and restore facility in just a few clicks. However, the expensive plans come with security scans and other valuable features.

    Though VaultPress is worth having, it is not good for beginners or small-scale marketers who are looking for something inexpensive. No matter whether you need a single feature or more than one, you have to subscribe and install JetPack for the site. 

The Bottom Line

Friends, would you solely rely on the WordPress hosting providers for backup services? Well, we will recommend you not to go for it. They demand a good price for limited services. Instead, you should integrate your website with any of these plugins and keep regular backups for your site. Need to learn more? Visit a digital agency in Delhi or at your convenient area and talk about their web development services.  


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