10 Ideas for Budget-Friendly Christmas Gifts

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You want to get your friends and family amazing gifts, but you can’t afford to go over budget. Is there any way that you can get everyone gifts without going absolutely broke? These are ten gift ideas that should keep you on budget. 

1. Baking

Do you have skills in the kitchen? Then, you should consider making treats like Christmas cookies or chocolate bark as gifts.  

2. Preserves

Again, if you have skills in the kitchen, you should make some edible gifts this year. Preserves like jams, chutneys, compotes and spreads will make amazing stocking stuffers.

3. Knitting

Do you know your way around a pair of knitting needles? Then, you should try to knit some cozy gifts for friends and family. They will appreciate having winter accessories like hats, mittens or scarves to get them through the coldest time of year.

4. Socks

When you were a kid, you used to hate getting socks. As an adult, they’re one of the best presents ever — and they don’t cost a fortune!

5. Coffee Mug

Give them the perfect gift for Christmas morning: a big coffee mug. They can sip on their morning coffee while they relax in their pajamas. If a mug doesn’t feel like enough, get them a bag of coffee beans or a tin of hot cocoa mix that they can use right away.

6. Home Spa Kit

Help them have a spa day by giving them a box of at-home spa essentials, like face masks, bath bombs and essential oils. Alone, these items make for a cheap stocking stuffer, but together they can make a substantial present. 

7. A Book

Find out what’s on their book wish list. Books aren’t especially pricy, especially when they are paperbacks that are more than a few months old. You can save even more by purchasing eBooks as gifts. These can be under $5!

8. Framed Pictures

A framed picture can be a sentimental and fairly inexpensive Christmas gift. Start by printing out A special photo that they will absolutely adore. Then, find a sleek frame to fit it in. 

9. Custom Pet Portrait

You can often find artists via online marketplaces like Etsy offering to make custom pet portraits for all sorts of pet lovers. You could get your friends a print of their pet that they can hang on their walls. 

10. Ornaments

Get them a Christmas tree ornament! This isn’t just a budget-friendly present that they’ll appreciate this year. They’ll appreciate it every holiday season when they decorate their tree.  

Why You Should Buy Budget-Friendly Presents

Staying on budget is a good goal to have this holiday season. If you ignore your budget and spend beyond your means, you could put yourself in a tricky financial position come New Year’s. You might not have enough savings to cover your monthly essentials!

At the very least, you might not have enough to cover an emergency expense. If you’re ever in that position, you could try to get a loan online to help you pay for the urgent expense without any savings. As long as you meet the qualifications, you can apply for a fast loan online and wait to learn your approval status. With an approved loan, you could take care of the emergency in a short amount of time.

You should only use online loans for emergencies. They’re not meant to help you pay for your monthly essentials, like utility bills, groceries and rent. And they’re definitely not meant to help you buy Christmas gifts.

Stay on budget this holiday season. Get your loved ones these sweet and savvy gifts!


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